In today's day and age, it's extremely important to promote oneself. After all, presentation is the first part of success. To commemorate the accomplishments, honors, and awards of our listees, we offer a selection of different wall plaques. Each listee can select their plaques color, wood type, and size, to make sure it's a perfect for their honor or award, as well as the place of presentation. Most plaques include a the listee's name, job title, company name, award or honor, and any other pertinent information.

Certificates of Achievement

For those who prefer to promote themselves in a more audacious manner, we provide customized printing and framing of certificates of achievement. Depending on what is being commemorated, we offer a myriad of different paper types, seals, and printing options. These beautiful certificates look perfect on a wall of achievement, over a fireplace mantel, or above your office desk.


For when a plaque or certificate just isn't quite enough, we offer a selection of vibrant and robust trophies. Made from crystal or glass, trophies provider the perfect amount of style and flair no matter where they are displayed. We'll custom engrave each trophy with the award or honor bestowed upon on our listees. A trophy is sure to light up and dazzle and home or professional space.

Hardcover Registry

Possibly the most sought after item by our listees, the hardcover Bristol Registry is a compilation of biographies. To be listed among thousands of other distinguished professionals is certainly an honor, and many listees opt to commemorate this achievement by ordering a copy of the yearly registry. Each listee receives a professionally written biography, along with however many copies of the physical registry they like. There is no better keepsake to display in your home or office that will show your guests or colleagues that you're part of an elite organization.

Keepsake Biographies

In addition to our other products we also offer an array of personalized keepsake items. Similar to the hardcover registry, we'll custom engrave on inlay a listee biography on any type of wood, glass, or crystal plaque. There's nothing quite like displaying a beautifully engraved glass plaque with your biography on it! Contact us today to inquire about the ordering process or for more information.


Each month, our selection committee picks a handful of top professionals to include in our newsletter. Our professional team creates a personalized write up of those listees selected. The newsletter is then mailed out to all the listees in our registry, along with being distributed through our media partners. Possibly one of the best ways to get exposure, our newsletter keeps everyone informed on the latest activity of fellow listees.

VIP Listing

The VIP listing is honor reserved for less than 1% of total listees. We look to select individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in their area of business. Each VIP is listed in a special section in the front of our hardcover registry so that they are the first to be seen when the book is opened. For those selected as VIP's we also offer the ability to have you personalized biography engraved on a wood or glass plaque (see personalized keepsakes above).

Professional Of The Year

The absolute highest honor bestowed by Bristol Registry is the "Professional Of The Year" award. Once per year, our selection committee nominates one listee who throughout the year has made the most difference or impact in their industry. The selected individual is then featured on the homepage of our website.

Press Release

Bristol Registry offers press release and new release distribution services. No matter what the message is that you need sent out, we'll work to distribute that message across our expansive network on media partners, and across multiple channels. Launching a press release will get your words in front of the right eyes. Let our in house experts craft and distribute the perfect press release for you or your company today.